Covid-19 Actions from PRP Racing Products

To: All our valued customers and friends I hope that you are all staying safe as we continue to deal with this unprecedented situation that is affecting every person and every business around the world. We wanted to bring you up to speed as to how Philadelphia Racing Products and Philadelphia Racing Engines is handling the COVID situation. Philadelphia Racing falls under two categories, auto parts, and manufacturing. Both of which are excepted businesses to be open during this time, per PA state guidelines. Of course, the health and well-being of our employees and their families are our first concern.

PRI Trade Show Special Events & NEW 2020 Products

PRI Trade Show 2020 It's an exciting and busy time here at Philadelphia Racing Products, we are working hard on new products and gearing up for the Performance Racing industry Trade show. This year we have a lot of great new products in store for 2020.  We are expanding our LS performance line, and even growing into other areas we have never been in before. Plus we have raffles in conjunction with our appearance at the PRI show. For those who are attending Stop by our booth, #2135, and fill out an entry form to be entered into our Daily

Celebrate Earth Day 2019 With PRP

Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating? PRP recognizes that we only have one Earth, so we try to do the best that we can to ensure the Earth stays healthy and happy. One of the most important things we do to limit our impact is that we recycle all of our spare and scrap aluminum that we don’t use during our machining process. Aluminum Recycling History Ever since WWII, recycling aluminum has been a common occurrence. Then it was used to melt down spare aluminum to repair or create an array of items, including aircrafts, automobiles, bicycles, boats, computers,

Behind The Scenes Manufacturing Video

Behind The Scenes Manufacturing Check out this behind the scenes video we put together for you to see what it is we do here at PRP Racing Products. This is only a scratch on the surface of what we do every day, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel if you want to see more. In the video, we give you a brief overview of how we manufacture a few of our products. We start with Auto-Cad for most of our designs to ensure that they will run correctly on our machines, as shown with the valve cover simulation.

Philadelphia Auto Show

From February 2nd - 10th you can experience the 118th Philadelphia Auto Show held at the Philadelphia Convention Center. With over 700 cars to check out from 37 different manufacturers there is something there for everyone - even some famous cars make an appearance like the DeLorean and the Mystery Machine. Every year the show turns out record numbers of attendees. While you can check out stats online in your pajamas about upcoming cars, there is nothing like sitting in the car and feeling the material to make your decision. In addition to floor models there is also an opportunity

What is Drag Racing?

What is drag racing? Since the invention of automobiles, there has been an appeal to racing. Drag racing is one way that many people participate in racing. Before the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) was formed, drag racing was illegally taking form on regular use streets. After the NHRA was formed in 1951 drag racing was able to become standardized. How does a drag race work? Each class has differences, but the basic premise is as follows: Drivers line their cars up at the starting line in their lane, and they are allowed to perform a burnout. Burnouts are not

What is an Electric Water Pump?

What is an electric water pump? Electric Water Pumps are used to help cool your engines down, and without it the engine would often overheat and grind to a halt. As opposed to an earlier version of the water pump, the electric water pump does not run off of belt power, so it is not a hindrance to your engine. The PRP Electric Water Pump runs directly off of battery power. The electric pump also allows for you the set the specific amount of coolant that courses through the engine at certain temperature gauges, which is a big improvement from

Put The Brakes on Fatalities Day 2018

Put The Brakes on Fatalities Day 2018 Brakes on Fatalities Americans spend on average over 50 minutes every day in their car. There are more than 200 million Americans that drive every day, and yearly more than 4 million on average of these drivers will be involved in a serious accident that will require medical attention. What can we do as a nation to improve these statistics? The National Security Council has these tips to share. To help ensure safer roads, NSC urges motorists to: 1) Practice defensive driving; buckle up, designate a sober driver or arrange alternative transportation, get plenty of

New Products for 2018 So Far

It’s getting closer to that time of the year where we release new products. Every year PRP and PRE Head out to the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show (PRI). If you are not familiar with PRI, they host a trade show for manufacturers of racing products and technologies, retailers, race engine builders, race car fabricators, warehouse distributors and professional race teams. We are currently working on new products that will be released at PRI in December. During the 2018 year we have already release three new products adding to the high quality line of  PRP Products. The new releases have

Halloween Spooktacular Sale

No Tricks. Just Treats. PRP Racing Products is excited to announce our Halloween sale! Ding Dong! It's a Spook-tacular Sale at your door. We've brewed up something special for you. Enjoy 10% off site wide and treat yourself to premium parts. Savings so devious they're worth screaming about. Our Halloween sale is valid until October 31, 2018 Free Ground Shipping is only valid in US Carve out some time for yourself this Halloween and treat yourself. Browse all of our products on sale here. Any issues please contact us at Philadelphia Racing Products are Track Tested, Racer Approved and

Congratulations To The Eagles! Go Birds!

Congratulations to the Eagles. You had an amazing season and a fantastic final game. You guys are great examples for Philly and you make us so proud to be from Philadelphia. We have a new world champion today, and it is very much deserved. It showed how badly you wanted the trophy all season, and what an exciting season it was! Congrats on your amazing win and enjoy your celebrations! If you ever need an American made, track tested and racer approved race car part manufactured, let us know!  Celebrate by upgrading to our new line of Stealth products, manufactured


PRI 2016 for PRP Racing Products was one of the all time best! The show always brings great people out and lets us meet them all, and we would like to take the time to thank all of the people that stopped by to see us. We would like to put a special thanks out to Jeff Lutz from the famed Street Outlaws show. He conducted a Friday autograph signing in our booth that turned out fabulous! We would also like to thank everyone that helped to make the show for us a HUGE SUCCESS!  We are looking forward to our future PRI shows,

New Addition… Improved Manufacturing!

Improved Manufacturing! The demand for PRP Racing Products is always growing so we are making changes to keep up! The new addition of a Haas EC 400, a high performance horizontal machining center, will allow us to do just that. This new addition will help us to improve our manufacturing process and speed up deliveries.   "Designed for high-volume production and unattended operation, the all-new EC-400 is faster, more compact, more rigid, and more capable than ever before. It features a larger work envelope, faster rapids, full 4th-axis pallet indexing, and much better chip management. For extended production and true “lights out” capability, a 6-station


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