Celebrate Earth Day 2019 With PRP


Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating? PRP recognizes that we only have one Earth, so we try to do

Celebrate Earth Day 2019 With PRP2019-05-10T09:14:22-04:00

Automobile Industry Innovators Part 2


Automobile Industry Innovators Richard Arbib 1917 - 1995 Arbib was an American industrial designer. He went to Pratt Institute in

Automobile Industry Innovators Part 22019-02-18T10:10:28-04:00

Automobile Industry Innovators


Automobile Industry Innovators Dick Megugorac 1928 - 2016 “Magoo builds really bitchin’ ‘29s” - Tom Medley Dick Megugorac, known as

Automobile Industry Innovators2019-02-15T11:51:50-04:00

The History of Automobile Racing


Join us here at PRP for a walk through the history of how automobile racing became so popular. In 1886

The History of Automobile Racing2019-02-11T10:26:12-04:00

What is Anodizing?


What exactly is anodizing? Anodizing is what we do to our parts after we machine them. So what exactly is

What is Anodizing?2018-11-16T12:44:37-04:00

Fun Facts about the Liberty Bell


We are based in Philadelphia, home of some major history points in the United States of America. Besides having Philadelphia

Fun Facts about the Liberty Bell2018-11-08T09:46:19-04:00


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