Fuel Pressure Regulator Assembly


How to Assemble a Fuel Pressure Regulator Ever find yourself wondering: "How do I put together this Regulator?" Well, look

Fuel Pressure Regulator Assembly2019-06-20T11:26:39-04:00

Safe Driving Tips and Tricks


Here in North America, specifically here on the East Coast near Philadelphia we are expecting a slippery winter ahead of

Safe Driving Tips and Tricks2019-01-23T10:38:51-04:00

What Happened to the Tucker 48?


Preston Tucker is an important name in automotive history. Without some of Tucker’s advancements in the industry we wouldn’t be

What Happened to the Tucker 48?2019-01-25T11:18:22-04:00

Halloween Spooktacular Sale


No Tricks. Just Treats. PRP Racing Products is excited to announce our Halloween sale! Ding Dong! It's a Spook-tacular Sale

Halloween Spooktacular Sale2018-09-28T09:24:47-04:00

Throwback to PRI 2015


Performance Racing Industry's (PRI) trade show from 2015 (PRI 2015) is long over, but as Philadelphia Racing Products gears up

Throwback to PRI 20152018-09-12T10:41:51-04:00


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