How Do I Link a Throttle Bracket?

How Do I Link a Throttle Bracket? To make the installation of your throttle bracket as easy as possible we have created a throttle bracket linkage step by step instructional.  Directions 1. Mount bracket on the left (driver) side of the carburetor to the front and rear studs. For the Holley Dominator install the two spacers, one on each stud prior to installing the throttle bracket onto the studs. 2. Install the rear cable mount to the bracket with the supplied attaching screw. Do not tighten at this time to allow for adjustment in step (6). 3. Units with the

How Should I Get Ready to Race?

How Should I Get Ready to Race? PRP has their top 5 tips to help you get ready for the busy racing season!  Change all fluids: Engine, Transmission, and Rear End. It is important to have fresh fluids in your car.  Check battery: Is it fully charged? Is it holding a charge? It would ruin a race day if you found out your battery wasn't preforming very well. Check all tires: Air pressure, life left, be sure to check for dry rot, don't want to be caught scrambling to change your tires.  Check Fuel System: Change all carb gaskets, and regulator


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