What is a Wheelie Bar?

Have you ever wondered what those pipes on the back of the car were? Ever wondered how a car doesn’t tip over when they are doing a huge wheelie at the start of the race?

That’s where wheelie bars come in.

Wheelie bars’ primary function is to help protect the car from tipping over during wheelies. Nothing like starting out a race while being upside down! Not only do they protect the car from damages, but as the car gets faster wheelie bars can act as a critical tuning aid, helping to steer the car.

There are two different versions of wheelie bars you could get, sprung or unsprung bars. In a sprung model the bars work to soften the impact of the wheelie bar wheels hitting the ground. These sprung bars are mostly used by small tire cars that have a lot of power. You will notice that in Pro Stock cars, they almost always have the unsprung bars with wheels.


Check out some of PRP’s Wheelie Bar Wheels here.

Information Source: Dragzine