Performance Racing Industry’s (PRI) trade show from 2015 (PRI 2015) is long over, but as Philadelphia Racing Products gears up to go to PRI’s 2018 trade show we are reflecting on past shows we’ve been involved in. We forgot about this article written about us by the kind people at EngineLabs during PRI 2015.

intercooler water tank PRP Racing Products

Racing is expensive. And many racers are always on the hunt for products that are well-designed, made in America, and won’t break the bank. That’s exactly what we have here in this intercooler tank system from the guys at Philadelphia Racing Products. The 5.50-gallon intercooler tank is designed to offer easy fitment, as its footprint easily fits into the spare tire well of any late-model vehicle, or any other mounting position that’s required.

According to PRP’s Rich Schonberger, “We use a high-quality billet 25 gallon-per-minute pump assembly that’s mounted to the side of the tank and already plumbed. It’s easy for someone to install and hook up the tank — there’s a power and ground for the pump, and then an incoming and outgoing water line, and that’s it.”

Read the full article over at We are looking forward to meeting great people at the PRI 2018 trade show.
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