How Should I Get Ready to Race?

PRP has their top 5 tips to help you get ready for the busy racing season! 

  1. Change all fluids: Engine, Transmission, and Rear End. It is important to have fresh fluids in your car. 
  2. Check battery: Is it fully charged? Is it holding a charge? It would ruin a race day if you found out your battery wasn’t preforming very well.
  3. Check all tires: Air pressure, life left, be sure to check for dry rot, don’t want to be caught scrambling to change your tires. How Should I get my car ready to race?
  4. Check Fuel System: Change all carb gaskets, and regulator gaskets. 
  5. Check all Electrical Accessories – make sure these parts are all in working order: your fuel pump, your water pump, and your fan

Don’t forget you can pick up anything you might need to upgrade or replace on your car right here from PRP! We offer many aftermarket car parts that are track tested, racer approved, and better yet: American made! You can’t find a better quality. 

Hopefully know you are no longer asking “How do I get ready to race?” but instead you are asking “When in the next race?”

What are some things you do to get your car ready for the racing season? Let us know if we missed any of your must – dos! 

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