The Professionals and Covid-19 

The professional racers have a bit of a different reality compared to the average racer. Many of the professional racers are just like the rest of us waiting for the season to come back so they can start racing again. But once racing starts again they most likely won’t have any issues if there are car problems down the road. They have more money and manpower to have problems fixed in a quick fashion. Plus they have more tools to stay sharp and practice to stay on top of their game. But for some professional IRacing has become the solution to keep fans entertained and to keep the season sort of going. However this is creating some issues for some racers. As Bubba Wallace lost his sponsorship after rage-quitting during NASCAR iRacing. And Kyle Larson is currently suspended for using the n-word during a race. While he has apologized for his words, the damage is already done. I am curious to see if Kyle Larson loses any sponsorship for his actions.  

In this time companies are making sure their advertising money is being well spent and having their sponsors do inappropriate things is a dangerous move for those individuals. This should make people with sponsorship think twice before they do or say things. Cause if it was a normal NASCAR event Bubba Wallace most likely wouldn’t have quit the race and would still have his sponsorship in place. As the weeks continue on, racers and teams still need to stay on their best behavior and keep with companies’ brand image otherwise they too will be suspended or lose sponsorship.

Have you been watching the IRacing events? Do you think anyone else will mess up and be suspended or lose sponsorships?