Fuel Pressure Regulator Mounting Brackets

PRP has done it again with our billet fuel regulator brackets. These brackets are made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and will tightly secure several different style regulators. All brackets have a direct fit bolt pattern drilled to accept PRP,Holley/Quickfuel, Magna Fuel, Aeromotive and Mallory regulators. The kit comes complete with stainless steel button head bolts and small aluminum spacers for easy installation. These brackets are available in four different finishes: clear, red, blue, or black anodized.

Click Here For Installation Instructions for Fuel Pressure Regulator Mounting Brackets


  • Made from 6061 aluminum
  • Anodized for corrosion protection
  • Direct bolt pattern
  • Come complete with stainless hardware
  • colors: Clear, Red, Blue, Black
  • Made In USA

Compatible Regulators

PRP Part Numbers Product Regulators Fit
PRP-1063, PRP-1363, PRP-1663, PRP-2263 4150 & Small Port PRP/Mallory Style Regulator PRP: PRP-3000, PRP-3005, PRP-3007MALLORY: 650-4207, 650-4309JEGS: 555-15908, 555-15909, 555-159115
PRP-1068, PRP-1368, PRP-1668, PRP-2268 4500 & Small Port PRP/Mallory Style Regulator
PRP-1075, PRP-2275 4150 & Large Port PRP/JEGS Regulator PRP: PRP-3001, PRP-3002, PRP-3008, PRP-3009JEGS: 555-15907, 555-15906, 555-159116, 555-159117
PRP-1076, PRP-2276 4500 & Large Port PRP/JEGS Regulator
PRP-1060, PRP-1360, PRP-1660, PRP-2260 4150 & Aeromotive Regulator AEROMOTIVE: 027-13201, 027-13205
PRP-1065, PRP-1365, PRP-1665, PRP-2265 4500 & Aeromotive Regulator
PRP-1061, PRP-1361, PRP-1661, PRP-2261 4150 & Holley/Quickfuel Style Regulator HOLLEY: 12-704, 12-803, 12-804, 12-840, 12-843QUICKFUEL: 30-803, 30-900JEGS: 555-15912SUMMIT: SUM-G3032
PRP-1066, PRP-1366, PRP-1666, PRP-2266 4500 & Holley/Quickfuel Style Regulator
PRP-1062, PRP-1362, PRP-1662, PRP-2262 4150 & Small 2-Port Magnafuel Regulator MAGNAFUEL (2 PORT): MP-9633
PRP-1067, PRP-1367, PRP-1667, PRP-2267 4500 & Small 2-Port Magnafuel Regulator
PRP-1064, PRP-1364, PRP-1664, PRP-2264 4150 & Large 2-Port/4-Port Magnafuel Regulator MAGNAFUEL (LARGE & 4 PORT): MP-9433, MP-9833
PRP-1069, PRP-1369, PRP-1669, PRP-2269 4500 & Large 2-Port/4-Port Magnafuel Regulator