ARP’s Ford Rod Bolt Kit

ARP’s High-Performance Rod Bolts are substantially better than the stock OEM and most aftermarket bolts, used in a variety of applications from rebuilt stock motors to highly modified powerplants in circle track, marine and drag racing engines – including those with superchargers and/or nitrous oxide injection systems. Rod bolts are unquestionably the most important fasteners in any engine, as they are the key to the entire rotating assembly. Rod bolts support the primary tension loads caused by each rotation of the crankshaft, ARP’s rod bolts are able to exert a clamping force greater than the load imposed upon the tension. ARP’s high-performance versions of replacement rod bolts come in 2 options; standard and wave-lock.

Manufactured with high-quality aluminum, steel or stainless steel to provide the needed confidence for use in extreme applications.

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