When it comes to tracks they are varied. So I asked the employees of PRP and PRE what their top race tracks were.  It was quickly clear that home based tracks and large events took the win. For our area Maple Grove and Atco had high ranking as well as Indy and Las Vegas. And the reason was based on location, the home base feel of the track or the prestigious of the race.

Other contenders were the Gainesville raceway, and Pomona raceway. For the surrounding excitement of the race or it bringing in and closing out the racing season.


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For tracks that are on the bucket list, the west coast tracks won. Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Pacific Raceway and Sonoma Raceway, were some of the mention tracks. For the reasons of wanting to try tracks in other parts of the country and for the location itself.


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Tracks are all unique so what makes a track good or bad? For some it came down to track surface and the surface of the venue as a whole, such as places without grass. Especially for the east coast, this current season it has been raining a lot. Others it was about the facilities and parking areas, that were a reason for what makes a track a good. Location came back again, racing in places that were in the middle of nowhere or event based, was a topic of interest.

Bad tracks came down to no prep for the track, the track surface and employees of some locations not being the best. The employees part wasn’t a big knock for locations but it can be a bit frustrating.


So what’s your favorite track?


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