What is an electric water pump?

Electric Water Pumps are used to help cool your engines down, and without it the engine would often overheat and grind to a halt. As opposed to an earlier version of the water pump, the electric water pump does not run off of belt power, so it is not a hindrance to your engine. The PRP Electric Water Pump runs directly off of battery power.

The electric pump also allows for you the set the specific amount of coolant that courses through the engine at certain temperature gauges, which is a big improvement from the non-electric version.

It’s been shown that having an electric water pump installed helps to reduce stress on your engine, it can improve horsepower, and can even increase your miles per gallon.

What makes PRP’s pump unique is that our Big and Small Block Chevy Pumps, Ford, and Remote Pumps all have a 50 GPM Motor.  Our Inline remote have a 25 GPM motor. Plus the mounting feet on our pumps are O-ring sealed so there is no need for a gasket. Our inlet fittings also come O-ring sealed to keep the inlet tight but also easy to replace if needed.

We find that water pumps are one of our best sellers, and to show our customers how much we appreciate them you can now have PRP rebuild your water pump for you! Feel free to contact us here, or you can call the store to get an estimate at (215) 969-3550.

Check out our Chevy Electric Water Pumps here.