Put The Brakes on Fatalities Day 2018

Brakes on Fatalities

Americans spend on average over 50 minutes every day in their car. There are more than 200 million Americans that drive every day, and yearly more than 4 million on average of these drivers will be involved in a serious accident that will require medical attention. What can we do as a nation to improve these statistics?

The National Security Council has these tips to share.

To help ensure safer roads, NSC urges motorists to:

1) Practice defensive driving; buckle up, designate a sober driver or arrange alternative transportation, get plenty of sleep to avoid fatigue, and drive attentively, avoiding distractions

2) Recognize the dangers of drugged driving, including impairment from prescription opioids; visit StopEverydayKillers.org to understand the impact of the nation’s opioid crisis

3) Stay engaged in teens’ driving habits; visit DriveitHOME.org for resources

4) Learn about your vehicle’s safety systems and how to use them; visit MyCarDoesWhat.org for information

5) Fix recalls immediately; visit ChecktoProtect.org to ensure your vehicle does not have an open recall

6) Ask lawmakers and state leaders to protect travelers on state roadways; the NSC State of Safety report shows which states have the strongest and weakest traffic safety laws

7) Join the Road to Zero to understand how safety professionals are addressing motor vehicle fatalities; visit nsc.org/roadtozero to get involved


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