Behind The Scenes Manufacturing

Check out this behind the scenes video we put together for you to see what it is we do here at PRP Racing Products. This is only a scratch on the surface of what we do every day, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel if you want to see more.

In the video, we give you a brief overview of how we manufacture a few of our products.

We start with Auto-Cad for most of our designs to ensure that they will run correctly on our machines, as shown with the valve cover simulation.

Once the Auto-Cad simulation has successfully completed, we move it to our machines in order to actually machine it, shown with the valve covers and the water pumps.

After the part has been completed, we clean it of any aluminum debris it might have created by submerging it in a rotating container filled with a mixture of cleaning pellets and water.

Once the part is dry following the cleaning, we get each of our parts individually anodized, as that helps protect the billet aircraft aluminum and prevents corrosion. By anodizing each part, we help to improve and ensure the lifespan on it.

Finally, on all applicable parts, we finish the manufacturing process with a laser etching of our logo, as seen with the black filler cap.

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