Just a few short months ago the world was a different place but now with the coronavirus, we as people have to change how we do everything and a lot of events are being pushed back. Some sports don’t even know if they will have a season or be able to finish the season they have started. For the NHRA it seems as though they have tried to stay ahead and created a new tentative schedule for when Covid-19 subsides. While this is great news, what is going to happen when we all start going back to normal life.

There are going to be less races but at this moment average racers have more time to work on their cars. So a project they were pushing off they could be worked on. So that’s a positive but you don’t get a chance to see if these modifications are making a difference. And now that the season is shortened, down time between races is going to be shorter. So if anything major happens that could be who knows how long before they are back up and running. And if that happens to many people, will the industry’s businesses be able to handle the influx of customers.  It will be great for businesses to have loads of business coming in especially with some being closed during the stay at home orders, but it might not be for their customers if the businesses can’t keep up the orders. So the customer may not get their work done in the time they want, which may push them back another race. 

I bet the first few races there will be an influx of people to race. But once the season continues I believe the cost of Covid-19 will show a trend of lower numbers of cars at races. Simple for the fact that people are going to run out of money or time to fix issues. In the beginning everyone will be ready and itching to start racing but as damage happens to the cars the time and money will not be there for everyone to continue the season. 

But just because the officiating bodies have canceled and pushed back races, doesn’t mean racing will stop. Street racing has always been popular especially in certain areas. I know in my area of Northeast Philly, street racing is becoming more frequent. It usually happens about once a week. But the past few weeks I can hear it happening more often. I live near one of the roads that racers use. While this is a great escape for the racers. It can also be very dangerous. When I hear them going down the road I constantly wait to hear the clash of a car hitting another car or one of the nearby structures. Thankfully I have not heard any of this yet, but sadly the law of averages says its coming soon, especially if the stay at home order continues and people try to find something to pass the time. 

So are you working on any project that you normally push off? Have you done any street racing? For those who are not street racing will they be out of practice?