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Welcome to our new website

PRP is proud to launch it’s new and improved website! Thanks for visiting. Please let us know if you find anything wrong by e-mailing

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Same day shipping on most of our custom billet specialties. Buy your new performance parts online today.

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It’s that time of year again. PRI!!! Over the last couple of days, the sales team has been in Florida at PRI. I wish I could’ve been there, but someone had to stay and do the dirty work. From what I’ve been told it has been a great success so far, and we are looking forward to a record breaking year for 2012!! This is exciting stuff for us. With our new website, new products, new customers; this is going to be the year that sets the bar for our company, and I’m excited and honored to be apart of it all. There is some great competition at PRI, but from what I’ve seen here at the shop, and what I’ve been told at PRI, …WE ARE ON TOP!

PRI is an exciting time for PRP. The stress of getting ready for the show, the thrill of getting it set up, and the exhaustion of basically working for 72 hours is what its all about. We wouldn’t be where we are without PRI and our customers, and for that we would like to Thank You for making us who we are and keeping us at the top of our game. We promise to continue to bring out innovative and bullet-proof products that the consumer can’t live without for their street car, street rod, hot rod, or race car.

Here’s to PRI and to 2012!!

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Alternator Brackets

While the bosses are in Florida at PRI…the mice were left at the shop to keep it running like butta. Well…we think we’ve done a pretty good job!! We have continued making BBC water pumps, a few hundred more spacers for the new alternator brackets, and yes…the new alternator brackets. We are adding 8 new styles of alternator bracket for your bb or sb Chevy motor. Once the new sight is up and running and we have finished machining all of the new kits, we will be posting pictures and descriptions of all the new parts and pieces that come along with these kits.  I know the suspense is killing you, but you’ll just have to wait……

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QR Codes

Scan to like our facebook page!!                                  Scan to go to our facebook page!!

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Making Changes

As we approach the 2012 year, a lot is going to change for PRP.  We are completely overhauling our website, we are advertising with 3 different magazines, and we are introducing a whole new product line.


  1. The website will be easier to navigate.
  2. Each product will have its own picture.
  3. A more modern Flash enabled and mobile site.


  1. We will have ads in RPM Magazine, Race Pages, and Fastest Street Car.
  2. Our ads will show releases of new products.
  3. More press releases and tech articles of our parts.


  1. We will be introducing 2 new series of engines that our sister company, PRE, will help build.
  2. New innovative designs and processes to our already stellar product line.
  3. A more retail friendly selection based off of our new website and advertising plan.

The changes to the company will help start our 2012 year off with a bang. We look forward to the challenges that 2012 has to offer, and the reward of a job well done at the end of it all.

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Baby steps in social media

This is the first time that we have used wordpress or anything like this.  I am completely new at this and have no idea what I am doing.  We plan on using this to keep our followers up to date on current projects we are working on, race we are attending, and ideas or suggestions for any new parts that will be made. Hopefully we can utilize wordpress to its greatest potential and maybe grow as a company because of it. Social media is a beast that we have yet to tame, and look forward to the battles that come along with it.  Wish us luck, and God willing this won’t be our last entry.

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